Braun Silk Epil 5 5280 Power Review 2023 – Pros & Cons, Benefits and Features

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Unwanted hairs can be a nuisance on our skin. With the Braun Silk Epil 5 Power 5280 Women’s Epilator you can solve your nightmares of that hair. Epilation can help you remove hair and leave your skin smooth up to 4 weeks.

It is a much better process compared to waxing and razors as they require you to grow hair first.

Let’s unfold the specific features of this device and see if it can be recommended for your hair removal needs. I will also go through its pros and cons so that you can weigh your options.

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Presenting The Product


Braun is well-known for its flagship of epilators on market appealing for different users. Here’s yet another product ideally suited for beginners in epilation.

40 Close Grip Tweezers

Featuring 40 close-grip tweezers, the product is designed to pluck out hairs from as small as 0.5mm from the roots. This implies that you do not have to wait like you would with waxing before you can clean your skin off the hair.

Among other Braun products, this one is corded. Compare it with the Braun Silk Epil 5 5185 and see how it features. But note that each model, corded or cordless, has its own cons and pros.

Extra Attachments

In the package you will find this epilator along with 3 caps (efficiency cap, trimmer cap and shaver head), 1 cooling clove, brush and the pouch. That’s a starter combo to make hair removal a cinch. Let’s now transition into the features of this epilator.


Features & Benefits


Braun Silk Epil 5 Power is renowned with its specific features that set it apart from the rest of the models. The first noticeable unique feature is its corded design. Others follow:

 Close Grip Technology 

This close-grip technology reflects the performance of the epilator in removing the amount of hair. The technology is self-descriptive in that it implies that the epilator closely grip hairs to ensure maximum removal from the roots.

To make this possible, the epilator is featuring 40 tweezers that are deeper and longer to remove all hairs without any hair breaking. If operating it in low light, the light will help you detect the remaining hair. The device was designed to remove shortest hairs about 0.5mm.


Before epilating, the device can stimulate your skin with its high-frequency massaging rollers to enhance a gentle epilation. This also enhances the performance of the epilator. And the included cooling glove will help soothe the skin after epilating it. Even before epilation, it can cool the skin for extra comfort.

 Pivoting Head 

Your skin is not flat, so it needs an epilator that can adapt to the contours. Braun has been excelling in that department of producing pivoting head to ensure maximum comfort and hair removal in line with the skin contours. The head can pivot up to 15° forward and backward thus following the contours of your skin.

 Speed Settings 

One other measure of performance is the speed personalization. Speed 1 is suited for extra-gentle epilation and speed 2 for sensitive areas. But the choice of speed settings is purely individual.


This Braun epilator does not differ much from the other epilators of the same make. As highlighted already, the key difference is seen in its cord. It comes with a cord to attach it to the wall socket when using it.

Limitless Power

Well, this is an advantage for limitless power and usage when epilating. It, however, becomes inconvenient when you want to use the device in areas far from the wall socket.

Smart Light

As part of the design, it’s worth embracing the presence of the smart light as it helps reveal the finest hair so that the epilator can remove it. The head is pivoting to follow the contours of the skin since our skin is never flat. The product is further designed to provide high-frequency massage system in order to stimulate the skin.

 Ease Of Use 

For every product, what comes to mind is the ease of use especially when operated by first-time users. The Braun’s Silk epil 5 5280 is that product well designed for everyone. Its user manual is explicit enough as several customers have claimed. What I like is that you don’t need more efforts to start epilating. All you need is to connect it to the wall socket to start working.

After using it, you can rinse the head in water to always keep it clean. The brush has been provided. And when storing it, the pouch has been provided, too.

For efficient results, you do not need to press it hard against the skin. Just let it touch the skin and epilate against the direction of the hair. To appeal to other areas, it comes with accessories such as the efficiency cap and trimmer cap. Moreover, I liked how you can personalize the speed settings.

Pros & Cons


  • 40 close-grip tweezers to remove the shortest hairs (0.5mm)
  • 2 speed settings
  • Corded design for an unlimited power
  • Pivoting head to follow the contours of the skin
  • High frequency massage system



  • The corded design not suitable for travelers
  • It is painful especially if it’s the first time using it
  • The cord is short to use the epilator even in bathrooms if there is no wall socket nearby

Who Is It For?


This model of Braun’s epilators is a suitable product for those doing epilation mostly at home hence the corded design. It can be ideal for the first-time users.

Use In The Evening

As a first-time user, I recommend epilating with this epilator mostly in the evening because the minor bumps that you might have might vanish

the next day. And before epilating, prepare your skin by exfoliating it. Do not apply the moisture until you are done epilating.

Even the experienced users can find this product helpful for their hair removal quest. But those who travel may find it inconvenient because it is corded. You might want to consider an alternative in this case and I recommend the Braun Silk epil 7 7561 with bikini trimmer & electric shaver although it is highly priced, but worth investing in. It is cordless and comes with extra features and accessories you will find pleasing than a corded design.


The Silk epil 5 5280 is a compact and portable epilator that Braun has designed. If you ask me to recommend it, I would say it depends.

Firstly, it is a corded epilator so it needs continuous plugging on the wall socket to function. What if you want to use it in the bathroom? What if you want to travel with it? In that case I wouldn’t recommend it.

On the other hand, a corded design is good for an unlimited usage unlike with the rechargeable batteries. The only drawback I had the other customer mentioning is the inadequate length of the cord. This further restricts you from using the epilator in the bathroom.

It is also not waterproof, so the use in the shower is forbidden.

If you are into cordless designs, I have recommended another model above from the same manufacturer. Despite the challenges that a corded design might have, I still recommend it.

The Silk Epil 5 5280 is a great product to consider for your epilation to leave your skin smooth for a period of 4 weeks.