Emjoi Epilator Epi Slim Review 2023 – Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

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Tired Of The Painful Waxing Or The Time Consuming Razors?

Well, I am actually tired of them too.

Recently I developed an immense love for epilators because they are less painful and relatively faster to remove hair from the delicate areas such as chin, armpits, bikini line and legs.

I am also an enthusiastic reviewer of the best products. Today let’s have a look at the Emjoi Epilator Epi Slim.


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Presenting The Product


Important: The original Epi Slim Epilator has been replaced with the improved Epi Slim +e18 by the company.


As thus, my review is based on the newly improved Epi Slim+ e18. The Emoji Epi Slim is a compact epilator featuring 18 tweezers designed to pluck out hair from the roots.

Smooth Skin For Up To 6 Weeks

The product is equipped with the 3 disc system that can leave your skin smooth for a period of 6 weeks.

This product is battery operated, but batteries are not included in the package. What you have in the package is a cleaning brush and the epilator. It’s a compact and affordable product, so buying extras wouldn’t be a problem.

To enhance its performance in hair removal, the epilator comes with the Glide technology to ensure that more hairs are lifted up and removed with ease. It can remove hairs as short as 0.3mm, as claimed by the company. There is a built-in light to help reveal tiny hairs especially in low light conditions.

Features & Benefits


This latest Emoji Epi Slim epilator has numerous features and benefits improved from the phased out original slim epilator. To look at its features, let’s consider the design, performance and the ease of use.



The epilator is identified by a sky-blue and white color in a compact and cordless design. It is such a lightweight and portable design to fit in the palm of your hands. Its head is curved to accommodate the contours of your body and its body is anti-slippery. This makes it easy to hold it when using it in a shower.

Cordless Design

The cordless design is powered by the 2AA batteries, which are not included with the purchase. Well that is a setback I saw so far. This design is, however, convenient for mobility reasons if you want to epilate your skin in the shower, on the road or anywhere. But then it also limits the power so it needs to be recharged. That’s where it falls when compared with the corded epilators.


Another design feature is the speed settings and the light. You can customize the speed of this device depending on the skin area to epilate. If, for example, you want to epilate the bikini area, you need a moderately slower speed. The light is featured to help reveal the hidden hairs.


With regard to performance, the epilator is also performing well given the 18 tweezers. It could be ideal for your chin, upper lips, bikini line and the armpits. For the legs I think it might take a long time because it’s such a small epilator. Nonetheless, it’s worth a try to epilate your legs too.

The other flaw I found is the absence of the accessories such as the efficiency cap or the massaging cap specifically for the sensitive areas. So I would say be vigilant of using it on the sensitive areas. Just be gentle to avoid extensive pain.

Glide Technology and 3 Disc System

It comes with Glide technology and 3 disc system. Each of the disc set has a fixed disc and the other two that open and close. This helps in taunting the skin to enhance epilation. The Glide technology helps in removing hair by gliding the 18 tweezers back and forth against the skin without irritating the skin.

Smooth Skin Up To 6 Weeks

The results of this will leave the skin epilated for a period of 6 weeks because it removes from the roots.

The other performance-driven feature is the speed settings. The epilator allows you to maneuver the speed settings. The light also helps in detecting hairs and removing each single hair.

 Ease Of Use 

Using this epilator is easy. The user manual has been provided to help you understand how it works and how to care for it. Upon arrival, you can purchase the batteries and then recharge them fully. Then plug and play the device. Epilate the body and then apply the cream to ease the irritation resulting from epilation.


Being a cordless epilator makes it more user-friendly because you will not be confined to a wall socket in order to complete the epilation. You can recharge it and epilate in the bathroom or in the garden. It’s a compact design that fits in your hand with ease. That’s user-friendly.

Pros & Cons



  • Patented 3 disc system to increase the comfort of epilation
  • 18 tweezers to remove hair from the roots
  • Compact cordless design each to move with
  • Glide technology to lifts and removes hair with minimal irritation
  • Affordable epilator


  • Painful
  • No accessories for sensitive areas
  • 18 tweezers can take more time to complete epilation on your legs

Who Is It For?

Great For Beginners

This epilator is an entry into the world of epilation. With this note, I would recommend for the beginners in epilation to see if the method is really theirs. The device is too basic and easy to use.

Its compact size may not be for your legs unless you are determined to spend so much time on it.

On the other hands, it works on batteries that last for less than 40 minutes. The batteries might get depleted before you are done removing your hairs.

If you would love an unlimited epilator, I would recommend the corded Emoji AP-18 Emagine. This one is more advanced and it can be suitable for your legs if you find the Epi Slim 18 too small.




Emoji Epi Slim 18 is a portable device I would recommend to be in every woman’s toiletry back. It is a good alternative to the waxing and razors. The device is less painful and faster than other hair removal methods.

Operating on batteries, it is a portable device to walk around with. If you want to epilate in the shower or the backyard, this could be an ideal product.

It operates on 18 tweezers that are coupled with the Glide technology to grab more hair and leave your skin smooth for up to 6 weeks.

But these tweezers may take more to complete epilation. To clean this device, the brush has been included along with the user manual.