Remington Shaver WDF5030A Review 2023 – Features, Pros & Cons

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Looking for the best rechargeable electric shaver to keep you smooth for a long time? Remington Shaver WDF5030A could be an ideal product you’re looking for.

There are lots of hair removal products some of which are too painful or too expensive. Others are just not for everyone.

By assessing a plethora of shaving products, I came across this foil shaver by Remington and thought it could be suitable for your case.

It is presumably better than waxing and other manual razors. Let me present it and unfold its unique features that could probably entice you.

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Presenting The Product


Rechargeable Electric Foil Shaver

Remington WDF5030A is a rechargeable electric foil shaver specifically designed for women to remove their hairs. It can be applied on the legs, armpits and other sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

Open Blade System

Featuring the open blade system, this foil shaver outsmarts the manual shavers with its optimal blades. They are designed to shave from any angle. Well, that’s a plus advantage compared to epilators which are designed to work in right angle.

Extra Accessories

This product comes with accessories to make hair removal a cinch. It comes with the almond oil to nourish the skin, bikini comb for shaving in the sensitive area.


It is also waterproof, thus you can use it in shower or bathroom. This foil shaver is the latest flagship produced by Remington. It precedes products such as the Remington WDF4840 Cordless Almond Oil Moisturizing Strip Lady Shaver + Precision Trimmer, which it surpasses with extra features.

Features & Benefits


Now that we presented the products, let’s unfold more of its features and let’s see how it fits among other products. I will look into its performance, the design and extra features that set it apart.


The shaver features the open blade system that ensures every hair that passes through is cut using the angled head.

The foils remain flush to the skin redirecting hairs to the four blades. On the other side the dual-sided trimmer guide prepares the hair to be removed by the blades.

Almond Oil Strip

To ensure maximum results, the device comes with the almond oil strip which nourishes the skin while you’re busy shaving.

Electric and Rechargeable

The shaver is electric and rechargeable. There is a charging stand provided to recharge it after every shave.

Cordless Shaver

That makes it a convenient cordless shaver which you can use in any setting given its waterproof quality. Inevitably, shaving is painful, but the pain gets better when using it in the shower.

That’s why this device was designed to be portable and versatile for use in any setting. However, it might be inconvenient for travelers as it will need a wall socket to recharge it.


Clothed with white and purple colors, this foil shaver has a feminine touch on it. It was designed specifically for women to follow their body contours for efficient shaving.

However, it doesn’t mean that men cannot use it. It can actually be comfortable for them as well as it surpasses the performance of the manual razors.

The design was made cordless for the convenience of using the shaver in any setting. You can charge it for an hour and then use it within an hour before it needs another recharge.

It’s unlike the corded designs which require you to be closer to the wall socket during shaving. But then cordless designs limit the power than the corded designs.

 Extra Features 

The extra features include the bikini combo/head guard which helps one to use this shaver for the sensitive areas. The normal head might be painful on your sensitive areas.


Another feature is the antimicrobial additive to the blades to ensure that there is no bacteria developing on the blades as it may infect your skin.

Cordless & Waterproof Design

Because of its cordless design, it is waterproof so that you can freely use it in shower with or without shaving gels. Corded designs are seldom waterproof because of their connections to the voltage. In order to nourish your skin for efficient hair removal, the device has been coupled with the almond oil strip moisturizer.

The beauty bag is provided to store this foil shaver after use and when traveling.

 Ease Of Use 

It’s also important to consider the ease of use of the shaver. Upon delivery, you need to assemble the parts by following the user guide provided. There is nothing too technical hence everyone can use the shaver. Then you have to plug it before shaving.

I would recommend getting spare batteries if you want to use it for a long time.

Non-Slippery Handling

The design features a soft-touch to ensure a non-slippery handling especially when using it in shower. It’s a portable device to use without causing muscle strains.


Pros & Cons


  • Unique open blade system
  • Double-sided blades for faster results
  • Foils and trimmer guide hairs to the blades for optimal hair removal
  • Waterproof to be used in any setting
  • Affordable electric shaver


  • Cordless design limits the power
  • Painful
  • Unlike epilators, hair must grow to a visible length first

Who Is It For?


Like all the Remington shavers, the WDF5030A is for everyone who wants to shave a visible hair. It is unlike the epilators which can pluck hair as short as 0.5mm.

f you want a super smooth skin with fine hair removed, I would recommend getting the epilator such as the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator. But epilators can be expensive and also painful. This Braun epilator is cordless and is capable of removing fine hair as short as 0.5mm. Moreover, it comes with the smartlight to detect all hairs.

Nonetheless, the foil shaver is still a great product too despite its lacking performance compared to the epilators.

It is a portable and rechargeable electric shaver to be used in many occasions although it limits power. Its design sets it apart from ordinary shavers that use manual operation.

I also admire the extra included such as the bikini comb/head guard to use in sensitive areas. My verdict is that this shaver is for every woman who wants a silky smooth skin.


To wrap up, this Remington womens shaver is a great product I would recommend to every woman.

It was designed specifically for women to remove hairs from their legs, armpits and other sensitive areas. It has accessories to be applied on different skin areas.

Its dual-sided blades ensure maximum hair removal while its foils and the trimmer cap prepare and guide the hair to the blades.

I like the fact that it is a cordless shaver which I can use in any environment. The charging stand has been provided so this makes charging convenient. It is furthermore waterproof, meaning I can use it even in shower.

Thanks to the cordless design for this portability, but it limits power.

This foil has extra features such as the almond oil strip moisturizer to leave your skin moisturized after shaving. Then the antimicrobial additives help to retain the durability of the blades without bacteria accumulating in them.

I do recommend this product, but my favorite is the epilator.