Best Epilator of 2023 – Top 10 Picks, Reviews, Buying Guide and Comparison Chart

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When it comes to hair removal, a lot of women get frustrated at how complicated and costly the process can be. Usually, women try different techniques until they find one which works for them.

Waxing used to be one of the most-preferred methods for hair removal. However, it’s quite expensive and painful! Shaving isn’t ideal too because it leaves you with a stubble after some time. Fortunately, you also have the choice to use an epilator.

An epilator is a nifty device which comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are best-suited for your face and other sensitive areas. While you can use some models for your legs and other body parts. No matter what kind of epilator you need, you’d have to find the right product.

There are so many products out there and choosing just one can be a chore. Lucky for you, we’ve found some of the best epilators available. Not only that, we’ve also reviewed them objectively for you. Read on and maybe you’ll find the epilator you were looking for!

Top 10 Epilators

Best Overall
Remington WDF5030A Wet & Dry
  • Remington WDF5030A
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    2 Blades
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    Moisturizer Strip, 100% Waterproof, Optimal Shave, Angled Head, Flex Dual-Sided Trimmer
  •   Accessories:
    Shave, Angled Head, Flex Dual-Sided Trimmer Charge Stand, Bikini Comb, Head Guard, Cleaning Brush, Beauty Bag For Storage And Travel
  • Price: 
Braun Silk Epil 9 961 V
  • Braun Silk Epil 9 961 V
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    40 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    Wet & Dry, Extra Wide Head, 100% Waterproof, Pivoting Head, Long-Lasting Battery
  •   Accessories:
    Deep Massage Pad, Two Exfoliation Brushes, Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Epilator Skin Caps
  • Price: 
Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270
  • Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    20 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    SmartLight, Massage Rollers, SoftLift Tips
  •   Accessories:
    Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Massage Cap
  • Price: 
Braun Silk Epil 5 5280
  • Braun Silk Epil 5 5280
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    40 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    SmartLight, Fully Washable, High Frequency Massage System
  •   Accessories:
    Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Efficiency Cap
  • Price: 
Emjoi Epilator AP-18 Emagine
  • Emjoi Epilator AP-18 Emagine
  • Our Rating: 7/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    72 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    Dual Opposed Staggered Heads, Antimicrobial Protection, Exclusive Technology Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs
  •   Accessories:
    110 / 240 V Power Cord/Adaptor, Cleaning Brus
  • Price: 

1. Remington WDF5030A – Editor’s Choice

Open-Blade System For Optimal Hair Removal

The Remington Foil Shaver is an electric shaver for women. It features an open-blade system to ensure optimal hair removal. The shaver features foils. These helps make sure that every pass counts to the dual-sided blades.

Dual Sided Blades

The dual-sided blades ensure that shaving is faster than manual razors. These are great features because shaving can consume a lot of time.

The Remington Shaver is designed to remove hairs from their legs, armpits, and the sensitive areas. Included with the shaver is the bikini comb or head guard. It ensures smooth shaving around the bikini line without pain from pulling the skin.

Almond Oil Strip

Meanwhile, the almond oil strip keeps moisturizing the skin during shaving. It nourishes the skin and reduces the pains.

Cordless and Rechargeable

Other design attributes are the cordless and rechargeable batteries. It also comes with a charging stand to make charging convenient. Before shaving, ensure that the batteries are fully charged. Do this to avoid halting an unfinished job for an hour of charging. With this cordless design, you can use the shaver anywhere as long as the batteries are full. But, for traveling, the batteries can limit the power.


The waterproof feature makes it possible to use this shaver even in the shower. Whether wet or dry, it can still perform well. The design features a non-slip grip handle for ease of handling in the shower too.

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2. Braun Silk Epil 9 961 V – Premium Pick

Incredible Features

Braun Silk-epil 961V is the latest flagship launched by Braun. The epilator is better than some of the powerful cordless epilators out there. This is because of all its incredible features.

12 Extra Accessories

First, the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 has 12 extras accessories for you to use. Among them, you find 2 brushes, the one to clean the epilator head, and the other for exfoliation. This means you don’t need extra brushes if you want to revitalize your skin. The brush’s design helps remove any impurities. In order to improve the skin appearance, it also comes with a high-frequency massage. This paves a way for efficient epilation.

Micro-Grip Technology

There is also the shaver head, which you can interchange with the epilator head. The performance of this epilator is superior because it has a wider head. The design of the micro-grip technology tweezers makes hair removal a cinch. Together with the wider head, they grab more hairs. Then, the smartlight helps in detecting fine hairs. This important feature further differentiates the epilator from the wax and other methods.

2 Speed Settings

The design of this epilator makes it very easy to use. For instance, the 2-speed settings are at your fingertip. You can adjust them accordingly when epilating different skin areas. The smartlight is also within reach.

Cordless Epilator

As a cordless epilator, it means you can move it around with ease. Moreover, it’s waterproof, meaning you can use it safely in a bathroom or shower. You can use it for 40 minutes of epilation before you need to recharge. That could be a setback for some, especially when you consider traveling with it.

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3. Braun Silk Epil 3 3-270 – Budget Buy

Compact, Corded and Affordable

Braun Silk-epil 3 is a predecessor of other Braun’s epilators. It’s a basic model affordable and accommodative for beginners in epilation. This model is compact, corded, and clothed in white and pink color to reflect a feminine feel. It comes with 20 tweezers to remove hairs from the roots.

Portable and Lightweight

The design is portable and lightweight. It’s easy to grab it and epilates hair in an upward direction against the direction of your hair growth. There are 2-speed settings to help you personalize the machine. The smartlight helps reveal the tiny hairs, even the ones that lie flat against the skin.

Extra Accessories

This epilator comes with added accessories. These include the trimmer cap, shaver head, and massage cap. You can interchange the shaver head with the epilator head. This means you don’t have to buy a separate shaver with this multi-functional device. In order to soothe and stimulate your skin before epilation, you can fit in the massage cap. You can also fit the trimmer cap on the shaver head to help trim the hair.

20 Tweezers

The Braun Silk-epil 3 performs well as other customers have affirmed. Its 20-tweezers play a role in plucking more hairs from the root. The speed settings also help you customize the speed for each area. The corded design of this epilator helps one to use power limitlessly.

However, it’s quite inconvenient for those who love epilating in the bathroom. Furthermore, the device is not washable in water. But the manufacturer has provided the brush to make up for it. It’s corded so that means it’s not waterproof, thus you can’t use it in the shower.

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4. Braun Silk Epil 5 5280 – Great For First Time Users

Only Corded Epilator Launched By Braun

Braun Silk epil 5 5280 is a corded epilator which you must connect to the wall socket. It comes with the cord although not long enough to extend to other rooms. Because of this corded design, you can use the epilator limitlessly. You don’t have to worry about charging the batteries. This is the only corded epilator launched by the Braun brand.

NOT Waterproof

The product has a basic design and it appeals to first-time users. However, some might find it inconvenient that they cannot use the epilator in the shower or bath. Epilation is, in actual sense, painful, but it becomes less painful when using it while in a hot bath. This is unfortunately not waterproof for such a purpose.

40 Close Grip Tweezers

This epilator has 40 close-grip technology tweezers, while allowing it to perform well. It can remove fine hairs from as small as 0.5m. Included in the package are some handy accessories. These include the shaver head, trimmer cap, and efficiency cap. The efficiency cap helps you use the epilator in different sensitivity areas. These features accommodate everyone who wants epilation.

Speed Settings

There are also speed settings for preferential usage. You can use these settings when epilating fine hair and sensitive areas. The smartlight helps you detect fine hair when epilating so as to remove everything.

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5. Emjoi Epilator AP 18 Emagine – Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head

Removes Hair Up To 6 Weeks

Emoji Epilator AP-18 Emagine is a corded women’s hair removal epilator. It comes with 72 tweezers. With these tweezers, it can remove hair up to 6 weeks, leaving your skin silky smooth. Along with these tweezers, it also has the Silver Ion and Glide technology. The Silver Ion Technology prevents bacterial infections on your skin. The Glide technology lifts and cuts the flat-lying hairs.

Dual Opposed Heads

The dual-opposed staggered heads help in covering a larger area. This helps expedite epilation by removing hair in one stroke. Emagine is capable of removing hair as short as 0.5mm. That’s an added advantage when comparing it waxing or razors as they need the hair to grow to a certain length first.

Corded Epilator

Because it’s a corded epilator, it comes with no batteries to recharge. You can connect the cord to the wall socket to start epilating. It doesn’t limit you the power but it does limit mobility. You may not be able to epilate while in the bathroom unless there is a socket. Moreover, it’s not waterproof, so you may not use it in the shower. That’s also a setback to those who wish to travel to the wilderness with this corded epilator.

The Emjoi epilator comes with the user guide, carry bag, exfoliation pad, and the cleaning brush. The exfoliation pad will help stimulate and soothe your skin to remove impurities. Then the cleaning brush will help keep the epilator head hygienically clean. Even a new user can understand how this Emjoi ap-18 works when given the user manual.

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Philips HP6574/50
  • Philips HP6574/50
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    32 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    Built In Opti-Light, Washable Epilation Head, Curved Head
  •   Accessories:
    Epilator Charger
  • Price: 
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579
  • Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    40 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    Long-Lasting Battery, Smartlight, 100% Waterproof, Wet&Dry
  •   Accessories:
    Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Skin Contact Cap, Facial Cap, Facial Brush, High Frequency Massage Cap, Charging Stand
  • Price: 
Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7
  • Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    40 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    SoftLift Tips, High-Frequency Massage, SmartLight, Pivoting Head
  •   Accessories:
    Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Sensitive-Area Cap, Facial Cap, Efficiency Cap, Pre-Epilation Wipes
  • Price: 
Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator
  • Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator
  • Our Rating: 7/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    18 Tweezers
    1 Speed
  •  Power:
    Battery Operated
  •   Features:
    Patented 3 Disc System, 14mm Discs, 540 Tweezer Actions Per Second
  •   Accessories:
    Cleaning Brush
  • Price: 
Philips Satinelle HP6401
  • Philips Satinelle HP6401
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Tweezers & Speeds:
    21 Tweezers
    2 Speeds
  •  Power:
  •   Features:
    Epilates Multiple Hair Lengths, Efficiency Cap for Delicate Skin, Ergonomic Grip for Comfortable Handling
  •   Accessories:
    Efficiency Cap
  • Price: 

6. Philips Epilator HP6574/50 – Ideal For Legs and Armpits

Cordless and Rechargeable Epilator

Philips HP6574 Satin Perfect is a cordless and rechargeable epilator designed for women. It is an ideal product to remove hair from your legs and armpits. It features the hairlifter vibration to stimulate the skin. It lifts the flat-lying hairs so that the textured ceramic tweezers can remove in a single stroke.

Lasts Up To 40 Minutes

The Philips epilator is rechargeable for an hour and it lasts up to 40 minutes. With this cordless design you can use the device anywhere you like. But, if you are more accustomed to a limitless power, the epilator might not be suitable for you. Also, this model comes with minimum accessories so you might not be able to use it for sensitive areas.

Active Massage System

This Philips satinelle epilator has the active massaging system. It soothes and stimulates your skin during epilation. That’s an added advantage to provide good epilation results. To ensure that tiny hairs are being spotted and removed, the device comes with the opti-light.

Detachable and Washable Head

The epilation head is detachable and washable with water for hygienic purposes. Remember to check the user guide if you need any other guidelines on how to care and use this epilator. It’s ideal for women looking for a compact and wireless epilator. It is actually a better hair removal solution when comparing it with waxing or manual razors.

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7. Braun Silk Epil 9 9-579 – Wet and Dry Epilator

High-Performing Cordless Epilator

This is another cool product from the Braun brand. This time, it comes with more extras than its predecessors. This epilator is a high-performing cordless companion for every woman. Especially those looking for advanced hair removal techniques other than wax or razors. The company invested in its design and features.

Micro-Grip Tweezers

To start with the design, the product is cordless. It comes with a wider head for faster removal of hair in a single stroke. With others, you will have to make numerous movements until you’ve removed even the fine hair. The wider head comes with Micro-Grip tweezers.

This feature further ensures that you can pluck out all from the roots. Then the smartlight helps you see if there is any remaining or broken hair. It’s useful even in low-light conditions.


The cordless design means it comes with batteries. It takes an hour to fully charge this device and can last up to 40 minutes. This is a great feature for people who like to travel. This means that you won’t have to consider a wall socket when you’re traveling with this product. However, the cordless design has its cons too. For instance, if you are planning to epilate more than two people, the 40 minutes may not be enough. Although it’s good to travel with, it still needs a wall socket to recharge its batteries.

2 Speed Settings

It features two-speed settings. This makes the epilator one of the high-performing products that Braun has designed. One speed is for sensitive areas and the other for fine hair. But personal preference also counts. Also noteworthy in performance are the accessories.

It comes with a trimmer cap and a shaver head for enhancing a smooth skin that can last for up to 4 weeks. It even comes with a facial brush to further exfoliate and refine your skin. This epilator is a good product that can be ideal for every woman whether experienced or newbie. It’s actually a good investment.

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8. Braun Silk Epil 7 SE7681 – Minimizes Discomfort and Irritation

Close Grip Technology

Braun Silk Epil 7 Wet & Dry comes with 40 tweezers that use close-grip technology. They can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm from the roots. So you don’t have to wait until the hair grows before you can epilate as is the case with razors. When using the Silk Epil 7, move it in an upward direction opposite to the hair growth direction.

Cordless and Waterproof

As you epilate, the massage system helps soothe and stimulate your skin. That brings maximum comfort and eases the irritation. The product is also waterproof, which makes it possible to use it in shower or bathtubs. The warm water in the shower enhances the circulation. This is convenient as it becomes less painful to epilate while taking bath. The cordless design of Silk-epil 7 makes it possible to use it in any setting.

Travelers also find this epilator handy because of the rechargeable batteries. But, it takes 40 minutes to use and an hour to recharge. If you epilate slowly, then the 40 minutes may not be enough.

Extra Accessories

This epilator comes with additional accessories to enhance hair removal. For instance, it can work as an epilator and as a shaver because of the shaver head included. It is easy to interchange the heads. It also comes with a trimmer, efficiency, and sensitivity area caps. For added convenience, you’ll also have some pre-epilation wipes and the user manual. This will help you understand how to use the device properly.

2 Speed Settings

There are 2-speed settings and the smartlight on the design. Speed 1 is for gentle epilation whereas speed 2 is for high-efficiency epilation. The smartlight switches on automatically after switching on the epilator. It helps in illuminating the skin so that you can find even the finest hair.

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9. Emjoi Epilator Epi Slim – Compact and Portable Epilator

Improved Features

The EmjoiEpi Slim Epilator is a compact and portable epilator. It comes with improved features and still a cordless device. The device comes equipped with 18 tweezers. You can use them to pluck out the hair from the roots and to leave your skin silky smooth for a period of 6 weeks.


Emjoi Epi Slim is lightweight. The device itself has a curved design to enhance proper handling even when using it in a shower. Also, the curved head follows the contours of your body. However, there’s no mention of it being waterproof. So be vigilant of exposing it to water as you might damage it.

Glide Technology

With Glide technology the device lifts and removes hairs. When you glide the tweezers against your skin, you won’t experience irritation. You can even customize the speed. Plus, the light will help reveal the hidden hairs. When switching it on, the light automatically switches on too. This will also help when epilating your armpits.

One downside of this model is it lacks extras such as massaging and the efficiency caps. It would have been better if it came with a shaver head and the trimmer cap too. These are the accessories added with epilators nowadays. Maybe it’s because the epilator comes at a very affordable price. It’s still a well-performing epilator which comes with a brush for cleaning.

Ideal For New Users

The Epi Slim +18 is ideal for new users. It comes with the user manual to help you understand it. Before using the big epilators with more than 60 tweezers, you can try this one first. Then you’ll be able to see if epilation is good for you.

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10. Philips Satinelle HP6401 – Affordable Option

Affordable and Compact

Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 is an affordable and compact epilator. It’s affordable but it comes with special features. These make it a great choice for a hair-removal tool. One great feature is its 2-speed setting. This is convenient for fine and coarse hair as you can select the setting you prefer. Speed 1 is ideal for a fine hair whereas speed 2 is for a coarse hair.

21 Tweezers

Coupled with 21 tweezers, the Philips HP6401 may remove hairs as small as 0.5mm from the skin. It further comes with the efficiency cap for use on delicate areas. But this epilator is best to use on your legs than other body areas. Its basic design isn’t optimized for sensitive areas even with the efficiency cap. These include the face, bikini line or armpits.

Without good lighting conditions, you might not be able to notice any missed hair because it has no light. This also makes it challenging to use the Philips HP6401 epilator on the armpits. But with good light conditions, it can perform well. This is especially true when applied at a right angle against the direction of your hair growth.

Unlimited Use Of Power

Another great feature of the Philips Satinelle HP6401 is the unlimited use of power. Connecting it to the wall socket enables one to continue using the epilator non-stop. But, on the other side, it’s inconvenient to travel with because it needs a wall socket. This one is ideal for home use only. It doesn’t even come with a carry case for travel.

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Editor’s Choice

As you can see, there are many excellent products out there. And they all come with their own special features. We’ve reviewed the products for you in an objective way, even stating their drawbacks. We did this so you have all the information you need to make a smart choice.

Among all these products, however, we believe that one of them stands out. It has excellent features which may appeal to a lot of women out there. The Remington WDF5030A is an excellent product with superb features.

It’s an innovative electric shaver that features an open blade system. The dual-sided blades are going to save you a lot of time. Everyone knows how much time shaving can consume.

You can use the Remington shaver on legs, armpits and the sensitive areas. There are some extra accessories included, like a bikini comb. This is going to make shaving around the bikini line less painful.

This is also a great option if you travel a lot, because it’s cordless and rechargeable.  It comes with a user manual, so you’ll be able to use this product properly.

Top 10 Epilators Comparison Chart

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Dimensions:Weight:Tweezers/Blades:Speeds:Power:Volt:Technology:Functions & Features:Accessories:
#1Remington WDF5030A Wet & DryBest Overall (Our Pick)$$9/103.5x5x9.1"4 ounces2 Bladesn/aCordless110 VSmooth GlideMoisturizer Strip, 100% Waterproof, Optimal Shave, Angled Head, Flex Dual-Sided TrimmerCharge Stand, Bikini Comb, Head Guard, Cleaning Brush, Beauty Bag For Storage And Travel
#2Braun Silk-épil 9 9-961VPremium$$$8/102.9x10.2x7.8"1.1 pounds40 Tweezers2Cordless100-240 VMicro-GripWet & Dry, Extra Wide Head, 100% Waterproof, Pivoting Head, Long-Lasting BatteryDeep Massage Pad, Two Exfoliation Brushes, Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Epilator Skin Caps
#5Braun Silk-épil 3-3270Budget$8/102.6x7.1x7.8"0.6 pounds20 Tweezers2Corded110 - 220 V20-Tweezer SystemSmartLight, Massage Rollers, SoftLift TipsShaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Massage Cap
#4Braun Silk Epil 5 5280$$8/102.6x7.1x7.8"1.4 pounds40 Close-Grip Tweezers2Corded220 - 240 VClose-GripSmartLight, Fully Washable, High Frequency Massage SystemShaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Efficiency Cap
#5Emjoi Epilator AP-18 Emagine$$7/105x1.5x5"1 pounds72 Tweezers2Corded110 - 240 VSilver IonDual Opposed Staggered Heads, Antimicrobial Protection, Exclusive Technology Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs110 / 240 V Power Cord/Adaptor, Cleaning Brush
#6Philips Epilator HP6574/50$$8/101x1x6"0.8 pounds32 Tweezers2Cordless100 - 240 VActive MassagingBuilt In Opti-Light, Washable Epilation Head, Curved Head Epilator Charger
#7Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579$$$8/1010.2x3.7x7.8"1.6 pounds40 Tweezers2Cordless230 VMicroGrip TweezerLong-Lasting Battery, Smartlight, 100% Waterproof, Wet&DryShaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Skin Contact Cap, Facial Cap, Facial Brush,
High Frequency Massage Cap, Charging Stand
#8Braun Silk Epil 7 SE7681$$8/102.6x7.1x7.8"0.7 pounds40 Close-Grip Tweezers2Cordless110 - 220 VClose-GripSoftLift Tips, High-Frequency Massage, SmartLight, Pivoting HeadShaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Sensitive-Area Cap, Facial Cap, Efficiency Cap, Pre-Epilation Wipes
#9Emjoi Epilator Epi Slim$7/109x5.5x2"1 pounds18 Tweezers1Battery Operated2 x AA BatteriesErase GlidePatented 3 Disc System, 14mm Discs, 540 Tweezer Actions Per SecondCleaning Brush
#10Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401$$8/102.2x6.8x8.5"8 ounces21 Tweezers2Corded100 - 240 VErgonomic GripEpilates Multiple Hair Lengths, Efficiency Cap for Delicate Skin, Ergonomic Grip for Comfortable HandlingEfficiency Cap

What Is An Epilator?

Epilators are electronic devices that are used for hair removal. An epilator provides the same function as waxing or tweezing. An epilator removes the hair from its root thus ensuring that hair takes longer to grow.

It also works better on shorter hair when compared to the other methods of hair removal. It’s similar to an electric shaver except the device works by using discs or springs to capture and remove the hair.

Epilators Provide A Quick Hair Removal Solution That Leaves Your Skin Smooth For A Longer Period Of Time.

It uses a spinning as well as rotating motion. The spinning motion is what captures the hair while the rotating motion is what pulls the hair from its roots.

Epilating can be painful for the first few times, but it gets easier the more you use it. Some epilators also come with razor attachments for sensitive areas that tweezers shouldn’t be used on.

Types Of Epilators

Spinning Type

These were the first types of epilators to hit the market. They went under the name Epilady and were made in Israel in 1986. The design for this type is quite simple as it involves the use of a coil spring. It used a rotating mechanism that would flex on one side then the other as you use the epilator.

The coil spring would grab the hair while the rotating motion pulls them out. The mechanism of this device had a flaw in that the springs would quickly break. This is due to the constant flexing and These types of epilators are still in the market today and are best used for facial hair.

Rotating Disc Type

This type of epilators has a mechanism similar to the spring type ones. In fact, there designs were based off of the spinning type epilators. Remington was the first company to come up with the concept. The company faced some legal issues at the time due to the design.

Remington won the patent litigation and ushered in a wave of rotating disc type epilators. They employ metal discs or plates that are protected by a plastic housing. It works via rotating the metal discs rapidly.

The small gaps between the discs traps the hair while the rotation of the discs plucks them out. The plucked-out hair is discarded via the centrifugal force that the rotating metal discs create.

Tweezer Type

Many of the modern epilators fall in this category. The Tweezer types are similar to the rotating disc version except they are more refined. This type of epilator has a head on top which contains the tip of the moving plates.

The way it works is that these tips will come together and go apart once per rotation. This ensures that the hair is trapped and properly pulled out similar to what a tweezer would do.

It’s important to note that a stubble effect is commonly noticed when using tweezer types. This is because the hair being pulled out are of varying strengths and some may be more brittle than others. This might lead to some hair snapping off and not pulled out.

The stubble effect with the tweezer types are less than shaving and sparsely spread out as the hair is actually pulled out.

Epilators For Different Parts Of Your Body

There is probably an epilator out there for every part of your body. An epilator can be used to remove hair from almost every part of your body. There are different types that cater to different body parts.

Many of the epilators in the market can be used on the arms and legs. It’s a whole different story for the bikini line and underarms. We’d advise you to get a smaller epilator and especially for the tweezer types.

These areas can be sensitive and so require delicacy during hair removal. For facial hair, a spring type or a small tweezer type epilator should do the trick.

Cordless or Corded: Which To Choose?

You have two choices when it comes to epilators, a corded model or a cordless model. There are some corded models that allow you to use them as cordless models. The cordless models could be battery powered or have a rechargeable battery built in.

The battery powered ones are great for when you need an epilator during trips. We wouldn’t recommend them for regular use as they consume too much battery power. The best option for that is the one with the rechargeable battery built in. They are normally water proof, so can be used anywhere.

Cordless Epilators Give You The Advantage Of Convenience

They are easy to move around with and you can use them anywhere. The downside is that they can run out of power at which point you’ll have to charge it for hours before using it again.

Corded Epilators Allow A Constant Epilating Experience

This problem is solved by the corded models that allow for a constant epilating experience. The cables/wires from these epilators are considered an inconvenience by some people.

Wet And/Or Dry: Which One Works Best?

Having a wet and dry epilator is all a matter of choice/preference. Some might prefer epilating on dry skin while others on wet skin. The advantage of having an epilator that can work in the shower is that it’s good for your skin. The warm water can open your pores thus making it easier to epilate.

In addition, it makes the process cleaner and less painful. You are also less likely to get irritated when using an epilator in the shower.

Epilating on dry skin isn’t bad either because water can weigh the hair down making it harder to grasp.

You should always use a water proof cordless epilator if you’re going to tweeze in the shower. This means you might need to charge the device before using it. Most of the models take about an hour to fully charge.

NEVER use a corded device in the shower. A corded and cordless epilator will work fine for those that want to use an epilator on dry skin.

Epilators Buying Guide: Important Features To Consider

Hair removal is something we all do. Men remove facial hair while women remove a lot more. The best kind of hair removal involves a clean cut with little to no ingrown hairs. The two most recommended methods for hair removal are epilating and waxing.

Each one has its own pros and cons, plus there is a huge debate on which one is better. For now, let’s focus on epilating. We’ll help you understand what epilating is, the best epilators in the market and epilating vs other methods of hair removal.

We’re going to provide you with a comprehensive guide on epilators.

Massage Function

The pain is something that can’t be ignored when using an epilator. There are some people with a low pain threshold and so a massage function is necessary.

An epilator with this function soothes and calms the skin as you use it, this lessening the pain. It works by improving the blood flow of the upper level of the skin, thus helps in making it easy to use.


The more tweezers that your epilator has, the better. The cheaper version normally has 20 tweezers which makes epilating take a lot longer than it should. The high number of tweezers ensures that more hair is removed in one pass.

An epilator with a smaller number of tweezers will require a few passes in the same area to get all the hair plucked. This can cause more irritation to the skin and make you more uncomfortable.

It’s better to spend a bit more and get a quality epilator with up to 72 tweezers. It’ll help you avoid unnecessary irritation and get unplucking done quicker.

Adjustable Speeds

It’s best to go for epilators with varying operating speeds. It can improve your experience greatly. There are some devices that allow you to turn the epilator on or off. In addition, some will come with adjustable speeds for you to choose from.

It’s normally dual speed setting, but some can have more. This feature is best for first time users as it helps reduce the discomfort while using an epilator.

Pivoting Head

You should definitely check for this feature if you’re looking for a clean-cut experience. A pivot head will ensure that the head will move along with the contours of your body.

It makes it easier to shave and reduces the chances of irritation greatly. A pivoting head will make sure that you keep the head of the epilator as close to the skin as possible.

Built In Light Options

Some epilators come with a built-in light. The light makes it easier to epilate in the harder to reach areas like along the bikini lines or in the underarms. This feature can also help you notice some areas on your body that might need some more work.

Even after epilating you might still have some loose hairs that you might notice without the light. You’ll be able to notice the light hairs that you normally wouldn’t notice.


You could also check the attachments that come with the device. These attachments can make it easier for you when using the epilator.

Some of the attachments are such as facial caps, shaving heads or cooling gloves to name a few. For instance, shaving heads help make it easier to trim long hairs down to a manageable length before plucking it.

The cooling gloves can help soothe your skin and reduce redness after using an epilator. Facial caps for people with sensitive skin. These attachments can be very useful and can make the process a lot easier.

Popular Epilator Brands To Try


This is one of the leading and trusted brands in the epilator industry. They are known for their innovation in the industry.

Braun was the first company to have brought the brush and epilator combination in their Face 810 model. One of their popular device is the Silk Epil Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator.


If you’re into electronics, then you know Philips. They are reliable and trustworthy brand and they’ve brought that to the epilator industry as well. They are known for making quality, but cheap epilators. The devices they make are normally smaller, but can rival their counterparts.


Panasonic is another big name in the electronic industry similar to Phillips. Unlike Phillips, they only have a handful of products in the epilator market. With that said, they make some of the best devices in the market.

Their products also tend to have a ton of features. For instance, the Panasonic ES-ED 90 has a pedicure buffer and 6 different attachments.


Despite being a new company in the market, Emjoi is already making waves in the personal care industry. They make corded and cordless epilators that are sturdy and well designed. They have one of the most highly rated battery powered epilators in the Emjoi Epi Slim.


The pioneers of the hair removal market, you can’t talk about epilators without Epilady. They were established in 1986 and to this day have sold over 50 million units.

They have cemented their place as one of the best brands in the hair removal market. The Epilady Epiflex and Epilady Legend 4 are some of their best products.

How To Use An Epilator

  • Exfoliate The Skin: Exfoliating the skin helps reduce the chances of getting ingrown hair. It also eliminates any dead skin cells that might block the hair shaft. To make it easier you can use a loofah or an exfoliating brush to gently scrub the skin during a shower.
  • Shave Your Legs: This advice is mostly for the first timers. If you have never epilated before, then shave your legs. Epilation works best with short hair rather than long hair. You should shave your legs a few days before the actual epilation date. This gives the hair enough time to grow to a length that is suitable.
  • Keep Your Skin Moisturized: You’ll be less likely to get redness or irritation if you epilate on moist skin. It will be uncomfortable and a bit harder to use an epilator on dry, parched skin. Always keep your skin moisturized before epilation.
  • Decide Which Type of Epilation You’ll Perform: Of course, this depends mostly on the device that you hold. If your epilator is suitable for use in the shower, then you can perform a wet epilation. If it’s not, then you’re restricted to dry epilation.
  • For Wet Epilation: You need to submerge the area to be tweezed in water for a few minutes. Don’t remove the area from the water when epilating. It’s advised to start with the legs for first timers as they tend to be less sensitive.
    You need to hold the epilator head at a 90-degree angle to the legs. Epilate gently. Also remember to epilate in straight, vertical lines to make sure that there are no missed spots.
  • For Dry Epilation: The procedure is mostly the same for dry epilation. The difference is the area of your body to be epilated won’t be submerged in water. The warm bath will help make it easier to remove the hair and less painful.
  • Apply Some Body Cream/Lotion and Clean The Device: Now that you’re done, you can apply some body cream/lotion to help with the irritation. There are special creams as well for the purpose of quelling the irritations.Don’t worry your skin will get used to it the more you epilate. Finally, it’s always important to make sure that you clean your epilator once you’re done using it.

Do Epilators Work?

Epilators do work and they are the preferred method of hair removal for many.  This ensures that your skin stays smooth for a longer period of time. The best part about epilators is that they can be used almost anywhere.

Epilation Is Efficient As It Removes Hair From The Roots.

Their small size makes it easy to carry them around with you/travel with them. The device offers a method that’s inexpensive and requires minimal effort to keep your hair at bay. It works for all types of hairs and can be used regularly as a hair removal method.

Do Epilators Hurt?

Epilators are painful at times. The level of pain will depend on the area you’re epilating and the number of your times you have used an epilator. First timers will find that epilating is a lot more painful compared to those who have done it a few times.

In addition to that, certain areas of the body such as the bikini lines and the face are more sensitive, so might hurt more. The good news is that there has been advancement in the industry. Many epilators come with attachments or built in features that make the entire experience a lot less painful. There are also methods that you can follow to help reduce the pain.

Painless Epilation Tips

  1. Take A Shower: A warm shower can help reduce the pain that you’ll get during epilation. The shower will open up the skin pores, thus making it easier to pull out the hair when using an epilator.
    You can submerge the area being epilated into the water if you have a wet and dry epilator and tweeze. If you have a dry epilator, then shower come out and epilate. It’ll help reduce the pain.
  2. Always Exfoliate: An exfoliating glove or scrub will work well for this. Always exfoliate, it’s good for your skin. Exfoliation helps eliminate the dead skin cells that might block the pores, thus making it likely to get ingrown hairs. Exfoliate before epilating to make it easier to pull out the hair from your skin.
  3. Shave Your Hair Before Epilating: This is more so the case for first timers. You need to shave your long hair before epilating. Epilators work best on shorter hair. You should shave two to three days before epilating. This will allow the hair to grow back to a length that’s okay to use an epilator on.
  4. Pull The Skin As Tight As Possible: You should pull the skin tight while epilating. This goes a long way in reducing the discomfort you feel as the hair is plucked out.
    One hand should hold the epilator while the other hand holds the skin tight. To shave your underarms, you need to raise your arm over your head and stretch it as far as possible.
  5. Get the Right Epilator: Keep an eye on the features that the epilator has. Always get epilator with more tweezers. The more tweezers it has, the quicker the epilation process will be as more hair will be plucked out in one pass.
    You could also check for attachments such as facial caps and cooling gloves. The attachments can help reduce the pain and make the process easier for you. We’d also advise you to make sure you get a wet and dry epilator. Using an epilator in the shower can help reduce the pain you feel.
  6. Use a Post Epilation Cream/Gel: Epilating might cause some pain/discomfort once you’re done, so it’s best to use a cream/gel to help soothe the skin. These creams/gels can help take away the discomfort/pain that your skin is feeling after tweezing.

Side Effects Of Epilation

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair removal is a common problem when epilating. It occurs because the epilator might not properly pluck the hair out of the skin. The tweezers might break the hair leaving a blunt tip, thus making it more difficult for the hair to break the skin again.

This mostly happens when you move the epilator against the flow of your hair. The good news is that there are products that can be used to keep ingrown hair at bay.


Histamine bumps are also common right after epilating. Many people who epilate for the first-time experience red bumps on their skin.

This is because the skin isn’t used to having hair pulled from its roots. These bumps are different from ingrown hair as they show up right after epilation. There is no need to worry as they normally disappear on their own.

White Heads

Pimples are also a common side effect of hair removal. They occur because bacteria gets an opening to infect the hair follicle once the hair is removed. It’s always important that you exfoliate before and after you epilate.

It helps eliminate the bacteria and protect your skin. You should also avoid touching the area that has been epilated to avoid infecting it with oil or bacteria. It’s also advised to avoid (for at least a few days after epilating) any activity that’ll make you sweat too much.


Redness is a part of the irritation that goes along with using epilators. It occurs on people with sensitive skin/coarser hair. You’ll get redness right after epilating, but it does go away after a few hours.

It’s best to epilate in the evening as the redness/irritation won’t be much of a problem. A wet and dry epilator can also help reduce the level of irritation after tweezing.


Swelling is a temporary side effect of using an epilator. You’ll notice it on more sensitive areas like the bikini lines or the upper lip. A pack of ice will work well n helping you reduce the swelling.


You might notice that your hair has grown back quickly after epilating. This is not a problem as it’s normally due to the hair below the surface of the skin. Epilating more often will help align your hair growth cycles and thus make sure that your skin stays smoother for longer.


It’s going to hurt the first time you epilate. This is because the skin isn’t used to having hair pulled from the follicle. Pain is normal and the amount of it will depend on which part of your bod you’re epilating. You can take some measures to help reduce the pain.

How Often Should You Epilate?

Beginners should epilate more often. It’s advised to epilate at least once every fortnight. There are two reasons for this, first it’ll allow your body to build up a pain tolerance to epilation. Second, it’ll allow your hair to grow slower and thus your skin will stay smoother for longer.

After this or if you get used to the pain, you can change and epilate only once every month. The frequency in which you should tweeze your hair can vary from person to person. Some people grow hair faster than others, so you might need to use the epilator more often.

Epilators: Pros And Cons

Why You Should Use An Epilator

Long Lasting Results

Hair takes longer to grow back when you epilate. This is because the root as well as the hair is plucked out. Doing this means it’ll take longer for the hair to grow back.

You can expect at least 2 weeks to a month before needing another epilating session. You need to know that the more you epilate, the longer it’ll take the hair to grow back.

Affordable Price

Epilating isn’t expensive especially when you compare it to the other methods of hair removal. You don’t need any extra accessories nor do you need to constantly buy a new device.

An epilator can last up to 5 years before you need to replace it (the corded ones last for even longer). Epilators offer a cost effective and efficient way of hair removal.

Can Be Used On Almost Any Part Of The Body

You can use an epilator on almost any part of the body, the underarms, the bikini lines you name it. These devices come in different sizes and with different attachments to help with just that.


You can travel with an epilator anywhere you want. They are small in size and so can be carried in a bag with ease. You can grab one with you when going on a vacation.

Finer Hair

Epilators do help in making your hair finer and lighter. Studies have been done to prove this. Epilating for a longer period of time will allow the hair on the tweezed area to grow slower and finer with time.

There are people who have reported not needing to epilate as often after doing it for so long. Some women even report having their hair grow back so light that they don’t need to epilate anymore.

It’s Easy To Use

There isn’t much to learn when using an epilator. All you need to know is to hold your skin tight, not to pinch the skin as you epilate and to hold the head of the epilator 90 degrees to the skin. It’s not like waxing or other forms of shaving, epilating is easy.

Makes The Skin Look Nice

Epilation can make the skin look nicer. The skin turns out smoother because of the hair removal. On top of that, areas like the underarms benefit because it doesn’t leave behind the dark shadow that shaving normally does. You get that Hollywood type skin that you see on TV.

Why It Might Be An Issue

It’s Painful

It’s going to be a painful first experience, there is no avoiding that. Your pulling hair from its roots, of course it’s going to hurt. Don’t worry though, it won’t last for long. The more you epilate the less painful it gets. Think of it like waxing your eyebrows, it hurt at first, but you got used to it the more you did it.

Ingrown Hair

This is a common problem for people that epilate. It normally occurs because the tweezers failed to pull out the entire hair instead it breaks and leaves a blunt tip behind. It should be noted that this is not a common problem during epilation.

It doesn’t happen as often as it would in other forms of shaving. There are some steps you could take to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs. The best one is to exfoliate before and after using an epilator.

Takes Time At First

It might take you longer to epilate during your first time. It’s probably because of all the preparations you need to do. Maybe it’s because of the pain you feel as you use the epilator.

The reason might differ from person to person, but it will take longer the first time. The good news is that it does get easier for you the more you do it. You’ll find yourself doing both legs in 10 minutes once you’re an expert.

It’s Not Permanent

What we mean by this is that you still need to epilate often. If you stop epilating it’s going to be like starting all over again from the beginning. It’ll also hurt as much if you wait too long between sessions.

Always remember to use an epilator often to keep your hair at bay. With that said, epilation still sits at the top as the best hair removal method for us.

Epilator vs Waxing

Waxing is a great hair removal method. Like epilating, waxing can leave the skin smooth for quite a long time. Waxing is done in many beauty stores and it’s normally done by a professional. In such a scenario, waxing can be pleasant.

Waxing at home is a whole another story. It’s cumbersome and messy. It can take a long time to wax and get it all off your skin especially if you’re not an expert/pro at doing it. Waxing also hurts, you can argue that it hurts more than epilating.

Epilating Is Easier Than Waxing

You don’t have to be a professional to do it yourself at home. It might take a long time to epilate the first time, but it gets easier the more you do it. Epilating also allows your skin to become smoother and look better.

It can hurt but not as bad as waxing. Using an epilator can provide you with most of the benefits of waxing at the comfort of your own home. It’s quick and you don’t need to go to a professional to do it. Your skin will also thank you as it’ll stay smooth for an extended period of time.

Epilator vs Shaving

You can shave with a razor or an electric shaver, each one still proves to be a costly way of hair removal. They both require replacement often and they don’t provide a clean shave. You might need to shave every few days when you use a razor or electric shaver.

This is because the hair grows back quickly. It’s even worse when you have dark bodily hair as it’s more visible and thus requires more repetitive shaving.

When using an Epilator, you don’t need to worry about having to replacing it every few days/weeks. They can last for quite some time. In addition to that, epilators pluck out the entire hair, thus the hair will take longer to grow.

You might experience some discomfort when using an epilator (which unlike a razor, there is no discomfort), but this pain does dissipate slowly the more you epilate.

6 Tips For Epilating: Easy and Painless

  1. Shower Before Using an Epilator
    You should take a warm bath before epilating. It helps make the skin soft and also opens up the pores. This will help reduce the pain you might feel as well as the chances of irritation.
  2. Exfoliation Is A Must
    You should always exfoliate before and after epilating. Exfoliating using a brush or a scrub can help reduce the chances of ingrown hair. It also keeps your skin healthy and smooth.
  3. Don’t Use Any Lotions/Creams Before Epilating
    Remember to not put any lotion/cream before epilating. The products can make the hair slippery and thus make it difficult for the tweezers to grab and pluck them out.
  4. It’s Best To Epilate At Night
    You should epilate at night so that you can flaunt your legs the next day. Epilating might cause redness/bumps on your skin. This won’t look good at first, but it does subside later on. Using an epilator at night will give your skin ample time to heal. This will allow you to show off the next day.
  5. Rub The Skin Before Epilating
    Rubbing the skin against the direction of hair growth helps the hair be in an upright position. This makes it easier for the tweezers to grab a large number of them in one pass.
  6. Start Epilating In The Less Painful Areas
    If you’re new to tweezing, then it’s best to start with the less painful areas such as the legs and arms. This will allow you to build up a higher pain threshold and also get used to epilating. Once you’re used to it, you can move to the more sensitive areas like the underarms and the face.

Epilators FAQ

How do you prepare the skin for epilation?
What you need to do is to take a warm shower. This opens up the pores making it easier to epilate. It can also help reduce the pain from using an epilator. On top of that, you need to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin cells that might be trapping some of the hair.
How do you exfoliate for epilation?
The best way to exfoliate is to use an exfoliating brush or scrub. There are many ways to exfoliate and a simple search might give you an appropriate answer. We’d advise you to take the exfoliating brush and rub slowly in a circular motion the area that you will use the epilator. Don’t forget to use exfoliating cream/gel.
Will more hair grow back in the area you epilated?
No, the amount of hair that’ll grow back will be similar to the one you just plucked out. You don’t need to worry the area won’t get more hair than others. Not epilating often might create that impression because the hair cycle might be different for the surrounding area. Epilating more often will ensure that all hair grows back finer and lighter.
Why use a wet and dry epilator?
A wet and dry epilator will allow you to use the device in a shower. It’s beneficial because a warm shower can help reduce the pain from epilating and can help make the process easier and quicker.
Is an epilator good for sensitive skin?
Epilators are made for all type of skin. Unlike waxing or other methods of hair removal, epilators don’t pull on the skin, so they might work on sensitive skin. We’d advise you not to use it on your skin if it causes it to bruise (even after properly following instructions).
How do you clean an epilator?
This mostly depends on the type of epilator that you have. If it’s a wet and dry epilator, then you can just simply run it under the faucet to clean it.
Dry epilators might need to be disassembled to be properly cleaned. Always remember to turn off the epilator before cleaning it. You should also make sure that it’s not connected to any form of electricity while cleaning it to avoid injury.
Is exfoliating important before epilating?
Yes, it’s very important. Exfoliation is good for your skin and can help it stay healthy and smooth. Exfoliation before and after using an epilator keeps your skin clean and safe from bacteria. It can help avoid bumps or whiteheads that could be caused by bacteria that get into the hair follicles after the root is removed.
What is the best time to epilate?
The best time to epilate is at night/evening. Using an epilator can leave your skin red/bumpy even after having done it for a while. Epilating at night gives your skin enough time to recover, so by the morning the epilated area will be looking great.
What part of the body can I use an epilator on?
An epilator can be used on any part of the body. They come in different sizes for that very reason. On top of that, epilators can come with different attachments to help you use it in the more sensitive areas. Be it your face, bikini line or underarms, an epilator can be used anywhere.
Which are the popular epilator Brands?
There are some popular epilator brands in the market that you can consider trying. Some of the famous brands are Phillips, Epilady and Panasonic. They make some of the best and sturdiest epilators in the market. Give them a try.


We’ve spent a lot of time talking about epilators and for good reason. They are cheap and provide amazing results. There are other options in the market like home electrolysis, waxing and electric shaving. You could try one of these to see which one offers the best results for you.

Personally, we feel that epilators are a great fit for people that want a hair removal method that is easy, cheap and efficient. You epilate once and you won’t have to worry for another few weeks before doing it again. Always go for the best epilators in the market for the best results.