Philips Epilator Satinelle HP6401 Review 2023 – Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

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Philips Epilator Satinelle HP6401

Would you agree with us that the disposable razors or salon waxing can be inconvenient in shaving off our unwanted hair on the bikini line, stomach, face, under arms or legs.

The process becomes very tedious even more when using the razors or shaving machines.

The salon waxing is, on the other hand, costly. With that said, we endorse the epilators, and we chose the Philips Epilator Satinelle HP6401 review.

Keep reading as we unfold the features and benefits of the Philips Satinelle Essential.

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Presenting The Product


Philips Satinelle Essential compact epilator brings the excellence of Philips in designing hair removers. The product is designed to remove hair from the root with the minimum length of 0.5mm. This capability makes it a preferable method for hair removal over the disposable razors and waxing.

21 Tweezers

Fitted with 21 tweezers, this epilator performs well on a dry skin. It comes with only one efficient cap for certain sensitive areas. However, it is not eligible for the delicate facial hair. For hair removal on legs this epilator can perform well. It leaves the skin smooth and stubble free for several weeks.

Compact and Ergonomic Design

What we liked about Philips Satinelle HP6401 is its compact and ergonomic design. The design makes it a cinch to operate the epilator with one hand without getting tired. The absence of the batteries also adds to the compact design. Instead of using the battery, it comes with a 7-feet cord to power it using the wall socket.

Noise Level Of 79 Decibels

Like other epilators, the HP6401 can also be painful especially on a thick hair. One other drawback goes to the noise level of 79 decibels. The absence of light makes it challenging to use the epilator on under arm areas.

Nonetheless, it is a good investment. In the box you will find the instruction manual, 7 foot cord, efficiency cap and this epilator.

Features & Benefits

Philips Satinelle Essential is characterized by plenty of features and benefits as highlighted below.


The design is our favorite because it is quite simple and unique. It has a feminine feel. Unlike other epilators, this one is compact and small. This means you won’t feel pain on your arms while lifting it. It fits well in the palm of your hands thanks to its flat design.

It comes with a removable cap, which you can remove to clean with running water. There is no brush included to clean the epilator. This could be due to the fact that the cap is removable. The manufacturer has endeavored to cut costs hence this epilator is inexpensive.

Eye-Catching Design

The other eye-catching design is the absence of batteries. The epilator is powered by a cord that needs a wall socket. Quite interesting is the fact that you will be able to use it limitlessly without being cut by the depleted batteries. The 7 foot cord has been included.

Versatility and Mobility

But if were given a cordless design, we would love it more because of the versatility and mobility it has when you work in a shower or even travel with it.

The absence of light in the design left us shaking heads a bit. This means you won’t be able to see if you have missed some hairs when working in unfavorable light conditions.


The manufacturer claims that the Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 can remove as small as 0.5mm of hair from the root. Its tweezers are not covered, so they are in contact with the skin to remove more hair. Twenty one tweezers are sufficient for an epilator as small as this one to perform well.

2 Speed Settings

It comes with 2 speed settings where the manufacturer recommends speed 1 for fine hair and speed 2 for coarse hair. The speed 1 is relatively slower than speed 2. Speed 1 delivers 600 tweezes per second whereas speed 2 delivers 733 tweezes per second.


With this compact epilator pressured against your legs, you will be able to remove more hair to have a smooth skin for many weeks. Apply it at a 90 degrees angle.

 Ease Of Use 

There’s nothing complicated with this epilator. The instruction manual has been provided, which is a good thing for beginners in epilation.

Corded Epilator

All you need is to connect the cord to the wall socket and start using. In fact, considering the affordable price and the ease of use, it can be ideal for those that are testing epilation if it’s a good thing for them.

However, travelers may find it inconvenient since they have to find the nearest wall socket before they can use it. But it is nonetheless better than most of the cordless because their batteries do not last long.

What we disliked is the lack of the carry case should you want to travel it. Perhaps the manufacturer wanted it to be a home kit not for travelers hence the corded design.

Pros & Cons


  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Inexpensive epilator
  • Unlimited power because it connects to home electricity
  • Removable and washable head
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Ease to use


  • Painful epilation
  • Plastic gears may not be durable
  • Loud device
  • Not suitable for travelers
  • Not versatile to be used even in showers because of the need of the wall socket

Who Is It For

Philips Satinelle is for those wanting to remove hairs from their legs. It is a basic design with fewer tweezers and no accessories to use it on a sensitive skin such as the bikini line and under arm or the face. The manufacturer designed it for the dry skin.

Despite its basic design it is a good epilator that can provide tangible results for a long time. It outsmarts the shavers and the waxing. Using this epilator can save you lots of money than you would spend by scheduling waxing services.

The 2 speed settings make it effective in removing both thin and thick hair. With the efficiency cap, the manufacturer wanted the epilator to work in sensitive areas as well, but it is not super effective in that area which tend render it useless for sensitive areas such as your face.

For those looking for high-performance epilators with more tweezers, we recommend the Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer. It is relatively expensive but worth the purchase if you plan to upgrade from the 21 tweezer epilator.




Although Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 is not an advanced epilator, we still recommend it as the best beginner epilator. With such an affordable price we couldn’t expect more out of this device. Nonetheless, it is better than some of the epilators on the market. One can save lots of money by using this epilator instead of opting for the waxing.

To start with, you can use it numerous times without worrying about the battery. Most rechargeable epilators can last on average of 40 minutes and epilation can even take more than 40 minutes. This qualifies the corded design as the best for a limited power even though you will struggle to travel with it.

This epilator is compact and lightweight. It fits well in your palm. That’s actually much better than bulky epilators out there.