Braun Silk Epil 3 3270 Epilator Review 2023 – Pros & Cons, Features and Benefits

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If you’ve outgrown waxing, epilation might be a good method to consider. I also ran away from waxing from of the pain I endured and came to epilation.

While reviewing a wide range of epilators, I came across the Braun Silk Epil 3 3270, which I think it could be an ideal product for you. But, let’s go through its features to see what in-store for it.

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Presenting The Product


Braun Silk Eepil 3, predecessor of Silk Epil 5, 7, etc, is a corded epilator designed to remove hairs without being limited by power. It’s an old launch which I still found quite interesting to review as it differs from the latest models.

Most of the Braun’s latest models are cordless with 40% wider head and other accessories than the Silk epil 3 does. Nonetheless, this is still a good model worth considering.

20 Tweezer System

The product features 20-tweezer system designed to pluck hairs from the roots. These work well on the legs, armpits and other sensitive areas. With the addition of the shaver head, trimmer cap and massage cap this product is made versatile.

Compact and Portable

The device comes with a user guide which will help you how to use and care for it. New users might find it interesting to learn epilation with this product before advancing to other cordless epilators. The bottom line is that it is a compact and portable epilator that’s easy to grab and use. There’s nothing complicated with it.

Features & Benefits


As tiny as it may seem, it is characterized by unique features that set it apart from the competitors and the models of the same family. These features are seen in its design and performance as well as the ease of use. Let’s see how it features.


The design of this device is eye-catching with its white and pink color scheme. It’s a compact tool designed specifically for women and it features 20 tweezers carefully made to pluck hair from the roots. These tweezers can remove hairs on any part of the body. However, you need to be vigilant because the bikini area needs accessories such as the massage cap and trimmer cap to lessen the extent of pain the tweezers might have.


This epilator is corded. Such a design helps one to use the device unlimitedly. The cord has been boxed, so you only need to connect it to a wall socket to start the epilation. To aid in detecting fine hairs, there is the smartlight featured on the design to help you, especially in low light conditions as well. Then to customize the speed of the device, there are 2 speed settings at your fingertip.

Trimmer Cap

The design of this device further makes it simple to interchange the epilator head and the shaver head. So it extends the functionality of the machine. This surpasses the traditional shavers. The trimmer cap can be attached to the shaver head for efficient hair removal.


Now coming to the performance, the process can be subjective. Nonetheless, considering the reviews I got from other customers, this model of epilator performs well.

It removes hairs from the root to leave a smooth skin for a period of 4 weeks. This is accomplished by the 20-tweezer system that it features. To optimize the performance of these tweezers, follow the directions as printed on the user guide.

When applying it, you have to do it in an upward direction against the direction of your hair growth. Important: do not press it hard against the skin, but just let it touch the skin. Pressing it hard might just cause unnecessary pains adding to the already existing pains of epilation.


The extras included also add to the overall performance of this epilator. For instance, the massage cap helps in epilating the sensitive areas such as the bikini area. It’s easy to attach it on the epilator head. If you want to shave, you can remove the epilator head and attach the shaver head which can also be coupled with the trimmer cap.

2 Speed Settings

However, I heard other customers complaining about the massive pain they feel at the sensitive area with this epilator, which, in my opinion, can be attributed to how they approach it. For example, there are 2 speed settings. The speed 1 is less painful and slow to complete epilation whereas speed 2 is faster and more painful. Just be vigilant of the settings to avoid imposing more pain.


With the smartlight being included, it helps in revealing tiny hairs lying flat against your skin. The light becomes handy when epilating the armpits as well. The overall performance of this epilator is not that bad.

 Ease Of Use 

My first impression with the ease of use is how limitless in power the product is. Although it is a basic design succeeded by various advanced Braun models, it still convenient compared to others.

The corded design, to start with, is better than rechargeable designs in that they last for specific minutes and take fairly long to fully charge. But the cordless ones outsmart this corded design with mobility.

The user manual has been included in the box to make the unboxing easy. So, you do need to be a technical person to understand how this epilator works. It comes with the brush which you can use to clean the head. Just detach the head and wash using the brush. The same brush can be used for skin exfoliation.


Pros & Cons



  • Electric hair removal
  • Comes with accessories such as the trimmer cap, shaver head and massage cap
  • Corded design thus unlimited power
  • Compact and portable design
  • Affordable epilator


  • Painful
  • Corded design not mobile to use in bathrooms or showers
  • Too basic to be used safely on the sensitive area. Just be vigilant about that

Who Is It For?

I endorse this epilator for every woman looking for an alternative to waxing. It is also for the new users who want to try out epilation to see if it works for them too.

The product comes in a simple and compact corded design featuring the shaver head, epilator head, trimmer cap and the massage cap. All these make this device versatile. It is capable of removing hairs from the roots using the 20 tweezers.

If you are looking for an advanced epilator, Braun has them in-store. It has the 40% wider Silk Epil 9 SkinSpa, but at a fairly high price. Nonetheless, it is worth the investment if you ask me.

This alternative can be used wet or dry and it is fully washable in running water. It is furthermore waterproof to be used in showers as well.




I have come to an end of my review. Given a whole host of features, I would recommend this epilator especially to beginners. It is a simple product with a user manual to let you understand clearly.

With its corded design, you can enjoy epilating while closer to the wall socket. Well, if you like epilating in the bathroom this product is not for you.

It comes equipped with accessories to make epilation easy. These include the shaver head, trimmer and massage cap. The product features 20 tweezers designed to remove hairs from the root for a period of up to 4 weeks.

There are 2 speed settings to personalize your speed. Then the smartlight can be used to reveal fine hairs. That is a good product even though it is succeeded by many advanced products.