Emjoi Epilator Emagine AP-18 Review 2023 – Pros & Cons, Features and Benefits

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Hair removal through epilation has become a new trend around the world with people outgrowing the traditional methods such as waxing and razors.

Epilation provides a quick and efficient way of removing hair. Some devices can remove the hair up to 6 weeks.

Emjoi Epilator Emagine AP-18 is one such device that is said to leave your skin smooth for up to 6 weeks. Let’s unwrap the in-store features and see how efficient it is.

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Presenting The Product


Emjoi Emagine epilator is a corded device designed to remove hair as short as 0.5mm from legs, armpits and other delicate areas such as bikini line and the face.

Silver Ion Technology and Glide Technology

The tool comes with 72 tweezers combined with Silver Ion technology and Glide technology. It also features the dual opposed staggered heads which set it apart from competitors.

Extra Accessories

When unboxing this epilator, you will find the exfoliation pad, cord, user manual, carry bag, cleaning brush and the epilator. No additional accessories needed further than this to make this epilation work.

Skin Smooth For Up To 6 Weeks

This epilator can be suitable for both men and women, although it was designed specifically for women. Because of its tweezers, it is said to leave your skin smooth for up to 6 weeks. You can personalize your epilation experience with the 2 speed settings available.

The head is shaped in a way that it follows the contours of your body. Again, the body is designed to be portable and compact.

Features & Benefits


Emagine epilator has a whole host of specific features which I will highlight below. What I actually liked when I went through it was the design and its performance. I also fell in love with its corded design. Let’s unfold these features below:


Elegant Tool With A Feminine Touch

This epilator has been designed to be compact and portable. Colored with red and grey, it is an elegant tool with a feminine touch.

72 Tweezers

As compact as it, the Emjoi AP-18 features 72 tweezers that ensure that for every pass, lots of hairs are being plucked. From my knowledge of epilators, this is a whopping number of tweezers an epilator can get. I have used to seeing 24, 42 tweezers.

In other words, a maximum number of tweezers mean lots of hairs to be removed. But, I have heard some customers mentioning the pain associated with more tweezers.

Corded Epilator

The other design feature is the cord it comes with to connect the device. It does not limit you the power like the cordless epilators do. However, the cord limits mobility if you want to use the epilator in the shower or bathroom. You only need to use it when closer to the wall socket. Furthermore, the device has a curved shape to match with your body contours.


Considering the performance, the epilator is renowned with the Glide technology and the Silver Ion technology.

Glide Technology and Silver Ion Technology

The Glide technology lifts the flat-lying hairs to aid the tweezers in plucking the hair from the roots it makes the process quick. Meanwhile the Silver Ion technology protects your skin against bacterial infections.

Dual Opposed Heads

With the maximum number of tweezers, the device can leave the skin smooth up to 6 weeks. Then the dual opposed staggered heads help in covering a larger surface when epilating. This ensures that every pass counts so as to expedite epilation.

2 Speed Settings

The epilator’s 2 speed settings allow you customization of your epilation experience. The button is within reach on the device. If you want a maximum performance you can choose the fastest speed. But, beware of the delicate areas as they need a moderate speed lest the tool hurts more.

Prevents Ingrown Hairs

The other performance-driving feature is the middle lifting fingers which reduce the ingrown hairs. It helps in lifting flat and short hairs so that the tweezers can get most of the hairs. The feature also helps in removing the fine hairs as short as 0.5mm.

Actually this is the feature that outsmarts waxing as you have to wait until the hair grows first. With epilation you can make sure that the skin remains silky smooth at all the times.

 Ease Of Use 

Ergonomically Engineered Handle

The device comes with an ergonomically engineered handle for ease of operation. It is easy to epilate in a right angle against the hair growth. So it’s a breeze to maneuver this epilator all over your body including the sensitive areas.

Dual Speed Control

Then with the dual speed control you can personalize your epilation experience. For legs you can select a faster speed and for bikini line a moderate speed.

No Battery To Recharge Or Connect

The other ease of use is the fact that there is no battery to recharge or connect. The epilator works while connected to a wall socket. You can spend as many hours as possible clued to the wall socket epilating unlike the cordless epilators that last for 40 minutes before you can recharge them.

Pros & Cons


  • Ease to use corded design
  • 72 tweezers to remove more hairs
  • Glide technology to lift hairs and ensure that all hairs are removed
  • Silver ion technology for bacterial protection
  • Cleaning brush and exfoliation pad included


  • Quite expensive
  • Noisy
  • Painful

Who Is It For?


This epilator is for every woman who adores corded epilators. As corded as it is, it will not limit your power when using unlike the rechargeable epilators.

It comes with the cord though not long enough to extend to the bathroom. It also restricts mobility in case you want to travel with it.

Otherwise get yourself a cordless epilator such as the Emjoi Epi Slim Epilator – Battery Operated. It is also launched by the same company but available at a lower price and it is more compact.

You simply recharge its batteries and get going.



Reaching the end of our review, we have uncovered how effective this epilator is. At any given time, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a compact and portable epilator.

It is corded so it does not limit one the power. The extras included make epilation more effective.

I also fell in love with the Glide and Silver Ion technology that it features.

Its 72 tweezers are just numerous enough to ensure that every hair is being cut out.