Best Hair Removal Cream For Men in 2023 – Top Products On The Market, Reviews and Comparison Chart

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Growing and keeping bodily hair hasn’t always been hard to do. In the past, men kept their bodily hair on for their masculinity show. In the 1960s, chest hair was the hip thing for every man to have (rock stars had it too).

20+ years later, hair removal has turned into a necessity. Society frowns upon men that keep hair on some parts of their bodies; pop culture continues to promote bare chests as more attractive.

A few years back, when hair removal creams had just caught on, men didn’t have many removal cream varieties available for them. The ones available smelled terrible by design, so some men had to skip the easier option and go back to shaving every four days.

But things have changed. There are more hair removal creams available now, designed to be used safely by men on every part of their bodies.This article reviews three of the most effective hair removal creams for men available today.

Top Hair Removal Creams For Men

Best Overall
Nair Men Hair Removal Cream
  • Nair Men Hair Removal Cream
  • Our Rating: 9/10
  •  Dimensions & Weight:
    13 oz
  •   Features:
    Smooth, Radiant Skin Lasts Days Longer than Shaving; Effective on Coarse, Thick Hair, Stays On In The Shower; Smooth in Minutes
  • Price: 
No Hair Crew Hair Removal Cream for Men
  • No Hair Crew Hair Removal Cream for Men
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Dimensions & Weight:
    6.8 x 2.6 x 1.8" (package dimensions)
    4.8 oz
  •   Features:
  • Price: 
Nad's For Men Hair Removal Cream
  • Nad's For Men Hair Removal Cream
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Dimensions & Weight:
    6.8 oz
  •   Features:
    Suitable For Back, Chest, Arms and Legs; Super Fast and Effective 4 Minute Formula; Formulated with Aloe Vera to Help Sooth & Protect the Skin
  • Price: 
Tomiya Premium Men’s Hair Removal Cream
  • Tomiya Premium Men’s Hair Removal Cream
  • Our Rating: 8/10
  •  Dimensions & Weight:
    4.84 x 1.85 x 1.85" (Package Dimensions)
    4.66 oz
  •   Features:
    Effective & Fast; Premium Quality; Painless & Easy; Suitable for all skin types;
  • Price: 

1. Nair Hair Removal Cream For Men – Editor’s Choice

For Thick Male Hair

This is easily one of the best hair removal creams for men out there today. The best bit about it is its thick formula, which was created with thick male hair in mind. Individuals with thick chest or back hair have no trouble or delays while using this cream.

For Sensitive Body Areas Too

Nair Men Hair Removal Cream gives a good, smooth finish – the kind that gives no prickly stubble a few days later. With careful application, Nair’s formula can also be used on sensitive body areas, such as the genitals without burning or irritation.

13oz Bottle

At 13oz a bottle, Nair gives the user more for their money than most hair creams, and its bottle features a simple push-and-release mechanism, making for easy cream removal and application. The bottle design itself is timeless too, and the bottle is small enough for easy packing and carrying around.

How Does Nair Work

The manufacturers have given the cream a beautiful fragrance, a step away from older, terrible smelling creams. It comes with an easy to understand set of application instructions, so users won’t be making easy mistakes during use.

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2. No Hair Crew – Hair Removal Cream for Men – Premium Pick

Designed For Men

No Hair Crew Cream is designed especially for men. Hair removal with this cream is painless and irritation free if you follow the given application guidelines. It doesn’t have the best smell, but it’s not the worst you will find.

NOT Recommend To Use On The Face

The manufacturers do not recommend use on the face, which was a let-down. But even on the other body parts where its use is allowed, No Hair Crew  Depilatory Cream really gives the smooth finish you expect.

Moisturizing Effect

It did have a wonderful moisturizing effect after rinse off though. Also, this cream comes with one of the best shaped and most effective spatulas we’ve seen. It’s masterfully shaped, its edge designed to make hair removal as easy and safe as possible.

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3. Nads For Men Hair Removal Cream – Budget Buy

NO Pain, Burning or Itching

From first sight, Nads For Men Hair Removal Cream strikes you with its package design, a simple yet classic design that does its job well. You’ll find no difficulty in carrying it around, and its design makes use even easier.

Might Not Work For All Body Parts

The white cream gives the perfect finish, although we found it might not work for all body parts, especially those with thick hair such as the chest. For other areas, it gives a smooth, baby-skin finish that lasts for at least 5 days.

Works In Less Than 5 Minutes

There is no pain, burning or itching when used right, and there’s a set of instructions provided for the user to follow. We found that application requires less than 5 minutes to work the hair, which is a good feature for men in a hurry.

Natural Ingredients

Nads hair removal cream does more than just clear the hair; it also gives a moisturizing effect, a feature we can attribute to its natural ingredients such as aloe vera. The packaging comes complete with all its components, including the spatula.

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Editor’s Choice

All three of the hair removal creams above stand out for their quality, which we found a step above other brands. They’ve all got the qualities that the ideal hair removal cream should possess – a good finish, painless hair removal and small portable size.

Nair Hair Removal Cream For Men is easily the best of the three brands, considering its good design and cream formula. It’s way more effective and safe for use around the genitals than its counterparts, and its formula is just about the best for thick male hair regions.

We also thought it offered more quantity than both Vassoul and Nads. Nads stands out for its painless use and short working time of 5 minutes or less. Its moisturizing effect is a big help against irritation and inflammation too. Vassoul Hair Removal Cream Depilatory works just fine for basic bodily hair, which is why it ranks last in our review.

It doesn’t give the best results for the thick hair some men have, probably because its formula is for both men and women. Its money back guarantee is a welcome perk though.

Best Depilatory Creams For Men

Rank:Model:Our Verdict:Price:Our Rating:Dimensions:Weight:Functions & Features:
#1Nair Hair Removal Cream For MenBest Overall (Our Pick)$$9/101.8x7x3.2"13 ozSmooth, Radiant Skin Lasts Days Longer than Shaving; Effective on Coarse, Thick Hair, Stays On In The Shower; Smooth in Minutes
#2No Hair Crew – Hair Removal Cream for MenPremium$$$8/106.8 x 2.6 x 1.8"
4.8 oz
#3Nads For Men Hair Removal Cream
Budget$8/102x2x7.3"6.8 ozSuitable For Back, Chest, Arms and Legs; Super Fast and Effective 4 Minute Formula; Formulated with Aloe Vera to Help Sooth & Protect the Skin
#4Tomiya Premium Men’s Hair Removal Cream$$8/104.84 x 1.85 x 1.85"
(package dimensions)
4.66 ozEffective & Fast; Premium Quality; Painless & Easy; Suitable for all skin types;

What Is A Hair Removal Cream?

Remove Hair From The Skin Painlessly And Effortlessly

Also known as depilators, hair removal creams are specifically designed to remove hair from the skin painlessly and effortlessly. They are similar in function to shaving cream, except that no razors or blades are used to clear the hair.

Hair removal creams are applied to the skin by dabbing softly around the area to be shaved. Most creams have to be left on the skin for a few minutes before removing the hair. Hair removal creams are designed for both men and women, and in consideration of different skin textures and hair types.

How Do Hair Removal Creams Work?

Hair contains the protein compound keratin, which gives the hair shaft its strength. Hair removal creams contain chemicals such as sodium and calcium thioglycolate, which are strong enough to react with the keratin and break its bonds.

Following the reaction, the hair shaft breaks and the hair falls out, all in under 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the cream’s formula and hair type. The hair is wiped off the skin along with the cream using the blunt edged spatulas that come with the cream.

How Effective Is A Hair Removal Cream?

The hair removal cream is quite effective, and better than many alternatives. Because it removes only the hair above the skin surface, the end result is a really smooth skin. A good cream will also leave no shadows or darken the skin.

There is also less physical trauma to the skin i.e. cuts and scrapes, and hair takes longer to grow back – 7 days in some cases. In fact, some creams are designed to specifically slow the growth of hair after removal, especially those containing the chemical eflornithine. Using creams is also indirectly a skin exfoliation process because it does away with dead skin cells.

6 Tips On How To Use Hair Removal Cream (Best Practices)

Even with the best of intentions, using hair removal creams can result in negative side effects such as itching, intense burning, inflammation and redness. There are a few tips you can follow to get the best out of your hair removal cream experience.

  1. Choose the right cream for your sex, hair type and skin. There are creams available for all types of skin; sensitive, dry, rough skin etc., and there are more varieties and brands to choose from. You can ask an expert at a pharmacy, salon or spa for guidance before making a choice.
  2. Test it first. A patch test is a must before you use hair removal cream fully. Pick a small area (preferably on the arm) and apply a small dab of cream. Shave the hair off, rinse up and wait 24 hours to see how your skin reacts. If there’s no discomfort, go ahead with the cream.
  3. Read the application instructions closely. The instructions will determine the time between application and shaving, which you must follow to the dot.
  4. Clean the area to be shaved first. Clean away any oil, dirt or Vaseline first to make it more effective. Avoid applying the cream on dry, torn or cracked skin.
  5. Apply moisturizer after. Moisturizer soothes the skin right after the shaving and prevents itching and inflammation.
  6. Pick the best time for removal. The best time would be near the end of your shower because the hair is already moist, so the cream dissolves it even faster. You can also rinse it off pretty quickly with fresh water.

Can I Use Hair Removal Cream On Private Parts?

Men can use hair removal creams around their private parts, but it comes with its own risks. Genital skin is very sensitive, so it can easily get irritated. Many men today use hair removal cream for their privates, but only after doing a patch test to see if the skin reacts well to the cream.

If you must use hair removal cream on your privates, consult with credible experts first. If you’ve had a previous bad experience with hair removal cream, you might want to consider sticking with shaving cream and a blade instead.

Should Men Use Hair Removal Creams Or Not?

Any man that wishes to shave their hair can use hair removal creams to get it done without negative side effects. In the past, hair removal creams were associated with chemicals that were thought to have negative effects on testosterone, but things have changed.

There are hair removal creams designed specifically for men today, taking into consideration hair type, skin type and amount of hair. There are existing hair removal options other than creams of course, such as shaving with a razor and waxing, so it’s up to a man to choose hair removal creams instead. Application guidelines should be followed closely of course.

Is Male Hair Removal Socially Acceptable Today?

Male hair removal is now socially acceptable in most parts of the world. Men can shave their chests bare, and athletes do it before competitions. Some male jobs, such as dancers and entertainers, require clean-cut images that do not include bodily hair.

There are still limitations though, especially on the amount one can remove. While too much armpit and pubic hair is considered unhygienic and unattractive, men that remove all of it may find themselves being considered slightly feminine. Men are not expected to completely shave the hair on their arms and legs either.


Hair removal is no longer an activity reserved for women only. It’s now part of the necessary grooming practices all men have to consider, and hair removal creams are some of the best alternatives available today. If you prefer waxing, shaving and laser removal for one reason or another, it’s okay as long as they don’t irritate or damage your skin.

Hair removal creams make the process painless and fast, in addition to slowing the growth of new hair. They are still highly popular among men, now even more with hairless bodies taking center stage in pop culture. Their formula has been improved too, and they smell nicer. Who doesn’t love that?